248 - Global Community Action Network

248 is a Glocal Network of Jewish Doers. We’re about building (Jewish / Israeli) community locally, and about using a network to encourage the replication and adaptation of innovative ideas and practices globally. We are targeting Israeli and overseas Jewish Doers who have an interest in building community, in Jewish issues, and in the power of the Jewish collective.

Background and Need 

North American Jews and Israelis are growing steadily further apart. In North America, Israel has shifted from being a source of pride that all Jews rally around, to a source of controversy that is dividing Jewish organizations and communities. Many Israelis fail to acknowledge that the traditional identification of North American Jews with Israel is eroding rapidly, along with their moral, political and financial support. Moreover, many Israelis have a limited interest in the current challenges facing North American Jewry, or in their wellbeing.

The causes that young North American Jews are willing to rally around are also changing. The ME generation’s interests have shifted away from the Jewish collective towards idiosyncratic or cosmopolitan causes. Within less than a decade, community and civic leaders who have had little or no exposure to the power of the global Jewish collective will emerge on both sides of the ocean.

There is thus a need to raise the consciousness of emerging community leaders to the challenges and opportunities facing both American Jewry and Israeli society, to the potential power of Jews acting together as a collective, and to their role and responsibility in securing a common Jewish future.

Target Population

Israeli and overseas Jewish Doers (both professionals and volunteers) 29-43 years old, who have the potential of becoming the next generation of civic leaders in their communities. Participants should have a community orientation, experience in developing social initiatives, and an open mind.



·      To raise participants’ awareness to the big challenges and opportunities facing the Jewish People today.

·      To translate participants’ knowledge and experience into social entrepreneurship and action in the context of the Jewish collective.

·      To cultivate a network of emerging community leaders and Jewish Doers with a strong sense of mutual responsibility and a commitment to working together towards a shared and thriving Jewish future.

The Program involves the following elements:

  1. Exploring the big issues being faced by world Jewry
  2. A hackathon in Israel, where participants will pool their creative resources in order to develop solutions to communal challenges of the Jewish polity
  3. An implementation phase, where participants will receive mentoring and network support for carrying out initiatives locally
  4.  An annual global summit in North America


The Content Pillars of 248 are:

1.    Doing

2.    Network

3.    Glocality

4.    Technology

5.    Self-Development

6.    Jewish Peoplehood


Sept – Dec 2017: Distance learning regarding the big challenges
Jan 14-21 2018:  Hackathon week in Israel
an – May 2018:    Implementation of social initiatives in the local communities
Week of May 6 2018: Global Summit in North America


Partnership2Gether is the Jewish Agency’s Peoplehood platform. Connecting 450 communities worldwide, P2G facilitates an exploration and strengthening of the ties between overseas Jews and Israelis, with an emphasis on community building, social entrepreneurship and leadership development.


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