The issue before the Court is simply the significance of the term Jew or Jewish under the Law of Return, 1950 (5710); whether it also includes a Jew who has converted and been baptised as a Christian but considers and feels himself a Jew despite his conversion.

The Court is not here to decide who is a Jew, but review one case in terms of those who wrote the Law, since they were the philosophers and founders of Zionism. For the purposes of this law, is someone born Jewish necessarily Jewish all his or her life?

You must take into consideration the fact that this is not a rabbinical law, nor is it a law we have inherited from the British. Furthermore, there is a common understanding of the term Jewish, which must be clarified.

As Judges, you must return a majority verdict: the minority verdict will be noted.



Assist the Judges as necessary in the proceedings - read out the case at the beginning of the trial and keep the records. Keep an eye on the time; assist with the documents.

Retire with the judges to "chambers" for the consideration of the verdict, taking all the necessary documents with you. Ensure that each judge has his or her say and that a vote is taken after discussion. Assist the judges in writing down their verdict.

In a small group, the clerks may be played by the madrichim.





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15 Aug 2005 / 10 Av 5765 0