Evening or afternoon activity for early to mid-teens.


10 minutes to explain and launch; 30 minutes to search; 7 minutes per group to organize, display and report; 5 minutes to complete scoring. Estimated 80 minutes to 2 hours.


4x4 clue cards/worksheets for each group; 5 x 5 cards are possible if extra clues are added; Arts & crafts materials & stationery; Maps of Israel; Any tourist guide to Israel.


1. Divide participants into groups of 4 or 5 and give each group a clue card.

2. Use one of the following options: the winning group will be the one which creates or submits the most original items for either - any line of clues or - the most clues in the alloted time (30 minutes).

3. The groups return, mark off their items and prepare them for display.

4. Each group presents its collection of items in a lighthearted manner.

5. A panel of adjudicators can award points for each item in terms of its originality, suitability etc. to each group. Another alternative for awarding points is to select only the best item from each group or the best for any one clue...


    List of Clues (two options)


    1. A stone from the Western Wall

    2. Post a note between the stones of the Western Wall

    3. Knesset Menorah

    4. An artefact from the Israel Museum

    5. Jewellery from the souk in the Old City

    6. A Knesset member's seat

    7. Piece of carpet from the Al Aksa Mosque

    8. Pita with fallafel from the Mahaneh Yehuda market

    9. A kefiya

    10. Hassidic hat and a bonus if it is a shabbat shtreimel

    11. Israeli coin or bank note

    12. Siddur or Tanach

    13. Poem about Jerusalem

    14. Tourist photo of Jerusalem

    15. An IDF insignia

    16. A flower that grows in Jerusalem

    17. An oriental drum (tof)

    18. A Kippa

    19. Kol Yisrael emblem (radio or TV)

    20. Olive branch

    21. Scent of Jerusalem

    22. Piece of pottery from an excavation



      1. Name sign from the ship EXODUS

      2. Carmel wine

      3. New immigrant's certificate

      5. Emblem from Israel's most popular make of car, SUBARU

      6. Kova tembel

      7. Pair of Israeli sandals

      8. A fish

      9. Headwear of a Druze priest

      10. Label or wrapper from Elite chocolate or coffee

      11. Basket ball

      12. Israeli coin or bank note

      13. Entry token for the Carmelit (Haifa's underground railway)

      14. Rope from a boat

      15. Sailor's song

      16. IDF insignia

      17. Fruit or vegetable from a Galilee kibbutz

      18. Pita with fallafel

      19. Archeological find from underwater excavations

      20. A ladder for climbing the Carmel








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