1. In 30 seconds, find Kiryat Shmona on the map of Israel.

2. Find another town or settlement in Israel with a number in its name.

3. How did Kiryat Shmona come by its name?

4. Who was the hero associated with Tel Hai?

5. What is the main problem facing the residents of Kiryat Shmona?

6. What is the demographic problem which faces the Northern Galilee?

7. What is a "mitzpeh"?

8. Either name as many points of settlement as you can on a line from Tiberias to Akko


name 5 (or 7) points of settlement in the Galilee.

9. How many people live in Kiryat Shmona?

a. 2,600
b. 21,500
c. 49,000


  • A: Ma'ale Hahamisha, Kiryat Arba'.

      A: "Shmona" stands for the 8 men who fell in the battle for Tel Hai in 1920.

        A: Yosef Trumpeldor.

          A: (Dwindling population due to) imperfect security of the northern border with Southern Lebanon.

            A: Majority of Arab population over Jewish population.

              A: Hilltop settlement - either a small kibbutz or industrial.

                • A:b



              10. In 30 seconds, find Beersheva on a map of Israel.

              11. Who was the first Jewish hero to live in Beersheva?

              12. Which modern Zionist leader promoted settlement of the Negev?

              13. How did he himself set the example?

              14. What is special about the Arab population in the Negev?

              15. Why did the Negev suffer a recession from 1967 to 1982?

              16. Name as many points of settlement as you can in the Negev.

              17. How many people live in Beersheva? a. 56,000
              b. 156,500
              c. 348,000

              • A: Abraham

                  A: David Ben Gurion

                    A: He moved to live on Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev.

                      A: They are Beduin

                        A: The acquisition of the Sinai in 1967 lessened the strategic importance of this area until 1982 when Israel withdrew from the entire Sinai.

                          • A:b






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