Global Service Center

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The Global Service Center is our one-stop Aliyah and Israel Experience Hotline, open throughout the day, in seven languages.

The Global Service Center is a call center and Internet service provider for those who are interested in immigration to Israel.

The service is provided via toll-free numbers from 39 countries, or through a web applicationGlobal Service Center provides services in six languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

Global Service Center provides direct access and available for information and consultation on immigration and absorption

With the help of our service representatives, you are invited to build your own immigration portfolio that is managed on a computerized and secure system, professionally and continuously by us

Throughout the process we answer questions that arise and provide personalized service.

The uniqueness of the global service center is by being available to the public in their own language and according to the schedule in their country of origin, hence the global service center.

Global Service Center works 22 hours a day, six days a week in English, and 12 hours a day also in languages: Spanish, French, Russian and Hebrew.

In addition, we provide service status change for those who wants to make Aliyah while staying in Israel and in Jerusalem only.


Let us answer your questions


 Call toll-free:

 Argentina: 0-800-444-9744    Australia: 1-800-445-781
 Austria: 0-800-281-587    Belgium: 0-800-709-67
 Brazil: 0-800-891-8023  





 Canada: 1-866-421-8912    U.S.A.: 1-866-835-0430
Canada and USA for Russian speakers: 1-888-572-8269
 Chile: 123-002-07904    Colombia: 0-1-800-915-7121
 Denmark: 00-800-5394-7424    Estonia: 800-011-1263
 Finland: 990-800-5394-7424    France: 0-800-916-647
 Georgia: 802-54995 
Code 4105
   Germany: 0-800-181-9271
 Holland: 0-800-022-1498    Hungary: 680-014-267
  India: 000-800-972-1056    Israel: 1-800-228-055
 Italy: 00-800-477-23528      
 Kazakhstan: 727-244-6784    Latvia: 800-03520
 Lithuania: 880-030961    Mexico: 001-877-684-55-52
 New Zealand: 0-800-448-591    Norway: 00- 800-5394-7424
 Panamá: 011-00800-226-5000    Perú: 0800-54407
 Portugal: 800-814843    Russia: 8800-333-7460
 South Africa: 0-800-996-886    Spain: 900-931-828
 Sweden: 00-800-539-47424    Switzerland: 00-800-477-23528
 Ukraine: 0800-504603    Uruguay: 000-405-4416
Venezuela Venezuela: 0-800-100-5616  

To reach us from a location without a toll free number, please call +972-2-636-7701 or fill out this form to have one of our staff contact you