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  • Maria (age 5) of Ukraine, Gavriel (age 5) of Yemen, Annamalai (age 5) of Peru, AJ (age 6) of South Africa, and Sofia (age 4) of Argentina—all of them recent immigrants to Israel—pose in the sukkah they helped build at The Jewish Agency's Ye'elim Immigrant International Sukkah-Hop

    Visit sukkot around the world

  • tal brody Tal Brody and the Spirit of the Maccabiah

    "If it weren't for the Maccabiah, I surely wouldn't be where I am today."

  • סקרלט ג'והאנסן במסע הפרסום של סודה סטרים Yes, Even Scarlett Johanssen Drinks SodaStream

    The American actress Scarlett Johansen didn’t hesitate from participating in a SuperBowl TV commercial for the Israeli company “SodaStream”. She stood by the CEO of the compay, Daniel Birnbaum, an

  • French Aliyah By The Numbers

    Last year there was an historic surge in Aliyah to Israel from France. And if the first two months of 2014 are any indication, French Aliyah is just beginning. The Jewish Agency for Israel believes

  • Eligibility for Aliyah A Yom Ha’atzmaut Essay from a New Olah

    "Like my students, I came to Israel and fell in love – with the people, the country, the history, and with who I am when I am here," writes Shira Kleinman. "I fell in love with Israel

  • _WtTEqNh-sc An Eternal Friend of Israel

    Today, we recognize and thank Pastor Hagee for his historic generosity. It is thanks to him, that 20,000 Jews could make it to Israel; it is thanks to the John Hagee Ministries that tens of thousands