1. What resources does the Jewish Agency for Israel and its website offer about Antisemitism, its origins, and its contemporary manifestations?

The Jewish Agency for Israel is a partner with the Government of Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the creation of the multilingual website for the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism, www.antisemitism.org.il, which provides working definitions of Antisemitism, logs incidents, and covers: Antisemitism in the Arab World, antisemitic dialogue related to the Israel-Hizbullah War in Lebanon, as well as articles on Holocaust Denial, contemporary Antisemitism, and offers a dynamic interface for surfers. There are additional resources on the Ministry website which also maintains an International Commission for Combatting Antisemitism.

The Jewish Agency's Jewish People Policy Planning Institute website carries an outline paper entitled, Confronting Antisemitism - A Strategic Perspective [2004].

On the Jewish Agency's own website, most of the resources can be found via the Education Department website, which offers a range of resources to empower groups and individuals in combatting Antisemitism. There are interactive synchronous and asynchronous elearning platforms, as well as a rich educational content repository.

Our eAcademy offers a dedicated course on Antisemitism for students and lay community, in conjunction with Office of Israel's Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Jerusalem. Students learn to address the expressions and analyze the messages and materials of contemporary Antisemitism, examine case studies, and explore effective response.

Communities and educational institutions are also invited to bridge directly to leading specialists in social and academic research, advocacy, and education, through our Videoconferencing system, for point-to-point or multi-point events in tailor-made programs and courses.

General background to Christian and racial Antisemitism, including Nazism, can be found in the Education Department's Behind the Headlines series from 2002. From the home page for Antisemitism and Anti-zionism, there is also material related to the Dreyfus trial, the attitude of the Jewish community, its constitutional impact in France, and wider implications. Another feature addresses Kristallnacht and related resources, as well as Shoah resources.

The symptoms and underlying causes of contemporary Antisemitism, from Left through Right to radical Islamic Antisemitism, together with all its major themes and manifestations, are then explored and exposed in The New Face of Antisemitism (2004). Each chapter includes discussion questions and the collection offers references to official reports and for Antisemitism in the 21st century.

The Hagshama & Students Department of the World Zionist Organization offers a collection of articles on Antisemitism by authors such as Natan Sharanksy, Raphael Jospe, and others.




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