Addressing Antisemitism in a Liberal World

The Jewish Agency for Israel addresses Antisemitism in all its forms as a major priority, in light of its growing severity and escalation. A down-to-earth round-up of issues related to contemporary Antisemitism, its origins and substance, with a hands-on guide to reputable background and advocacy resources, prepared by the Education Department.

The New Face of Antisemitism

by Neil Lazarus

Antisemitism is back. Whether the bombing of a Synagogue in Turkey, the use of traditional anti Semitic stereotypes in the Arab press, or the open hatred of Jewish students on University campuses worldwide, one fact is clear: the "oldest hatred" has returned.

Dreyfusgate: the Dreyfus Affair

The history of the Dreyfus Affair comprises many of the elements of a hammy spy thriller: corruption, perversion and gross miscarriage of justice, cover-up, conflicts and hatred. 

Behind the Headlines - Antisemitism

(April 2002 to present)

 Addressing the Boycott Israel Motions in the UK - UCU, Unison, etc. (2007-2008)

 Articles - The New Antisemitism
 The New Antisemitism: Recommended Reading



The Myth of Zionism=Racism - After Durban

Despite praiseworthy intentions, the UN Third International Conference on Racism became a circus for anti-Israel and often AntiSemitic statements.
Never, in recent times, had there been such a vicious attack on Israel and the Jewish people. (September 2001)

Shattered Image

Israel's Second Front: The Propaganda War
by Neil Lazarus

This series has been constructed specifically to address the issues from the received media product inwards - towards the foundation information, the circumstances and method guidance - while incorporating hands-on exercises and linked reading from a multitude of internal and external resources.

Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass

(November Pogrom) November 9th-10th (1938)

Current Issues

 Jewish Agency: Annual Report on Antisemitism (2008)Cause for Concern
in light of Operation Cast Lead
 Addressing Antisemitism in a Liberal World (February 2007)
UN General Assembly Holocaust Commemoration, European Holocaust Memorial Day (January 2005)
Fighting the new anti-Semitism (December 2003)
The Threat to Democracy in Austria: Call to Action (February 2000)
Critical Days: 13 Iranian Jews on trial (April 2000)
L.A. Shooting: Some links (August 1999)




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