The Beit Shemesh Wellness Season

The wellness season is a unique initiative whose goal is to advance a healthy and active life style in the Beit Shemesh area, with an emphasis on three fields physical fitness, nutrition and complementary or holistic medicine. The initiative focuses on promoting activity on the community level in the field of living an active lifestyle by integrating a series of major community activities (the Beit Shemesh 5 k run, Womens Health Day and a 9 k cycling event) together with ongoing processes. This framework enables different activities that build on each other to enlarge the public awareness on the subject and to bring more residents to participate in regular healthy activities. Achievements The Partnership has been able to create a health and wellness roundtable including many partners who work together to advance this field in the city. The major partners so far are the education department of the municipality together with the coordinator of the Ariel University health program. We have enabled their program to integrate with the community at large such as in participation of 1300 runners in the Beit Shemesh 5K run (the schools sent over 350 participants). The national health and education ministries have been impressed by our activities which put Beit Shemesh on the map as a city of health and wellness. This initiative has succeeded in involving all sectors of the population in the city and working with entrepreneurs to help increase the amount of people involved of wellness activities and to support local businesses. Partners Praxis, Beit Shemesh Municipality Departments of Sports, Education and Health, the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Ariel University program for healthy lifestyle in the schools, Maccabi Health Services, Meuchedet Health Services, local NGOs and entrepreneurs in the field of health and wellness.