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Agency Aids Old City Stabbing Victim

The Jewish Agency’s Fund for the Victims of Terror grants fast financial aid.

The Fund for the Victims of Terror recently provided emergency financial help for a 33-year-old Jerusalem resident who was wounded in a terror attack on July 16th, while passing through the Damascus Gate on his way home from prayers at the Western Wall. 

The attacker, who fled the scene, left M-, with serious upper body wounds. The victim was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

"The Jewish Agency's immediate assistance is a symbol of solidarity between Jews worldwide and those who are victims of terror in Israel—as Jews around the world have shown throughout the history of Eretz Israel (the state of Israel)," Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky remarked.

M- is married, and the father of four small children. Agency officials said they hoped the Fund would help the couple provide enriching activities for their children during the summer vacation and while M- begins his recovery.

Backed by The Jewish Federations of North America and major Jewish communities and federations, the Fund for the Victims of Terror was established to provide direct, complementary financial assistance to victims and their families. The Immediate Fund provides assistance for direct medical treatments, food and replacement of personal effects within 48 hours of the attack.

Founded in 2002, the Fund has helped over 6,000 families get back on their feet after terror attacks. In 2012 alone, the fund assisted 42 families, disbursing over 583,000 NIS.


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