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One small step, a giant leap

What this blog is all about, and what lies ahead

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - Jerusalem, Israel) We're thrilled to welcome you to "Voices", the new Jewish Agency blog. Voices will bring a broad spectrum of reports, articles, and inspiring human stories from the vast variety of activities and programs conducted by The Jewish Agency in Israel and around the world.

Every year, we touch hundreds of thousands of lives, and these stories need to be told. 

As you may have noticed, Voices doesn't look like any other of our web pages. Rather, it represents the first stage of the upcoming, all-new Jewish Agency website, which is being coded as we speak. As such, Voices gives you a chance to taste a little bit of the new Jewish Agency web presence.

If you haven't done so already, please play the video at the top of this page. it is a demo of the new Jewish Agency web experience, to be launched soon. We'd like to thank Huge Inc. for designing the UI/UX (and the video), eWave Ltd. for the construction of the site, LLN (A subsidiary of the Jewish Agency) for technical leadership, and the entire crew of The Jewish Agency's marketing department. You've all been an integral part of the start of our exciting journey into the future.


31 Jan 2013 / 20 Shevat 5773 0
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