• Outgoing Israeli Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser admires gift from Masa Israel Journey board director Aharon Abramovitch

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  • Pop reggae artist Mookie wows thousands of Masa Israel Journey participants at a mega-cultural event held in Jerusalem

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Inside the Jewish Agency

Jewish Agency lauds outgoing Cabinet Secretary

The event was part of the Agency's three-day Board of Governors meeting, and included a mega-cultural program for participants of over 200 Masa Israel Journey programs being held throughout the country.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - Jewish Agency for Israel and Board of Governor (BOG) officials this week extolled outgoing Israeli government Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser, at a reception held in recognition of his extensive work on behalf of the Agency and the Jewish people, worldwide.

The event, held Monday evening at the Jerusalem International Convention Center (ICC), was part of the Agency's three-day BOG meeting, and included a mega-cultural program for participants of over 200 Masa Israel Journey programs being held throughout the country.

Over two thousand Jewish youth from around the world plied the ICC's halls at a series of master classes and performances held by some of the country's top entertainment, literary, and artistic talents.

At the reception, Executive Chairman for the Jewish Agency for Israel, Natan Sharansky, warmly applauded Hauser's service to Israel, and strong assistance to the Agency's via his role in the government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"They established the Moreshet (Heritage) program, at an investment of millions of shekels," Sharansky said in opening remarks, which, he added, exemplified Hauser's "devotion to the welfare of the Jewish people worldwide."

Noting that "The entire project's really a result of Tzvi's hard work," Sharansky pointed out that, "He's the one liaising between us - the Jewish Agency - and the government in everything connected to developing Masa, and more."

United Israel Appeal Chairperson, Yohanna Arbib-Perugia, Masa Israel Journey CEO Ayelet Shiloh-Tamir, and Chairman of the Board, Aharon Abramovitch, congratulated Hauser, with Abramovitch presenting him with a symbolic gift: a miniature glass-encased menorah, inscribed in thanks for his efforts.

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