• 1,500 children enjoyed recreational activities at sites around Jerusalem today.

    Jewish Agency Takes More than 10,000 Children from Rocket-Battered Southern Israel for Rest and Recreation Activities Outside the Line of Fire

    1,500 children enjoyed recreational activities at sites around Jerusalem today. Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky met the children at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo this afternoon. Sharansky:
    By Jewish Agency on 14 Jul 2014 / 16 Tamuz 5774
  • Israelis take cover in Tel Aviv as rocket siren goes off.

    The Movie You Haven't Seen

    For all the “movies we have already seen,” you haven’t seen this one. Watch it and weep. Weep for all that we have already lost and all that we may lose. Pray that this is all over soon and the
    By Misha Galperin on 10 Jul 2014 / 12 Tamuz 5774
  • A summer's day in Jerusalem.

    In Israel, A People United

    "Being here has reinforced my sense of peoplehood. We all share one destiny, as we are strengthened by one other." Chairman of the Board Charles Ratner writes from Jerusalem.
    By Jewish Agency on 09 Jul 2014 / 11 Tamuz 5774
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel mourns the passing of Edgar Bronfman

    The Loss of a Leader

    Edgar Bronfman was an energetic and devoted leader of the Jewish people
    By Avi Mayer on 25 Dec 2013 / 22 Tevet 5774
  • In her absence, the sculpture was unveiled by Helen Stone-Laor's (z"l) brothers Albert Wajs and Benjamin Weiss.

    Jerusalem: The Center of the World

    The title of the city's newest cultural landmark
    By Margot Saffer on 19 Dec 2013 / 16 Tevet 5774
  • Nelson Mandela, of blessed memory (1918-2013), painted by South African artist, Paul Blomkamp

    Nelson Mandela, Of Blessed Memory (1918-2013)

    Chairman Sharansky mourns Nelson Mandela's passing
    By Margot Saffer on 08 Dec 2013 / 5 Tevet 5774
  • Campers enjoy their summer at Kaits Fest camp in Moscow

    Summer at The Agency

    Bringing Israel to Jews and Jews to Israel, generation after generation, year after year.
    By Margot Saffer on 03 Sep 2013 / 28 Elul 5773
  • Chairman of the Executive Natan Sharansky in Jerusalem

    Government of Israel Approves Joint Initiative with World Jewry

    Initial sum of NIS 570 million to be invested in joint initiatives to connect young Jews to their Jewish identity and to Israel. Sharansky: "Israel needs a strong Jewish world and the Jewish
    By Jewish Agency on 01 Jun 2014 / 3 Sivan 5774
  • U.S. Maccabiah Women's Youth Soccer team

    Little-known Maccabiah moments - revealed!

    Do you know where ice-hockey is played in the Middle-East summer?
    By נתן רועי on 26 Aug 2013 / 20 Elul 5773
  • Bas relief of the Arch of Titus in Rome, depicting the sacking of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, and Centurions looting the ritual menorah (candelabrum) and musical instruments

    Tisha B'Av message from the Chairman

    'May we all be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, and may we know no further sorrow'
    By Natan Sharansky on 26 Aug 2013 / 20 Elul 5773