• After the meal, Rachel keeps a tradition of giving her guests a small present for the New Year.

    Recipes for a prosperous New Year

    Connecting our global Jewish family around the Rosh Hashana table
    By Chen Mor on 03 Sep 2013 / 28 Elul 5773
  • Maria (age 5) of Ukraine, Gavriel (age 5) of Yemen, Annamalai (age 5) of Peru, AJ (age 6) of South Africa, and Sofia (age 4) of Argentina—all of them recent immigrants to Israel—pose in the sukkah they helped build at The Jewish Agency's Ye'elim Immigrant

    International Sukkah-Hop

    Visit sukkot around the world
    By Margot Saffer on 20 Sep 2013 / 16 Tishrei 5774
  • Campers at Camp Ramapo in upstate New York enjoyed learning with Israeli counselors this summer

    A Different Kind of Shaliach

    Counselling at a summer camp for children with special needs
    By Joshua Berkman on 26 Aug 2013 / 20 Elul 5773
  • Projeto Ma’agal

    Iniciativa dos lideres jovens dos movimentos juvenis de Porto Alegre está ganhando impulso
    By Paula on 06 Dec 2016 / 6 Kislev 5777
  • Haley Greenspen bat mitzvah israel

    My meaningful Bat Mitzvah

    Haley Greenspan decide to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah with other girls that didn't have the chance to celebrate. After travelling to Israel with her family she chose the Yesodot Summer Camps and a
    By Mor Elzon on 05 May 2015 / 16 Iyar 5775
  • Simferopol, Ukraine, February 28, 2014 Death to the Zhids and a swastika were found on the doors of a Jewish center.

    The Crimea Report

    Simferopol: Amid Tension, Crimean Jewish Community Endures
    By Avital Chizhik on 10 Mar 2014 / 8 Adar II 5774
  • Campers enjoy their summer at Kaits Fest camp in Moscow

    Kaits Fest: Summer Fun in Moscow

    Youth in the FSU enjoy Jewish fun this summer
    By Jewish Agency on 06 Oct 2013 / 2 Heshvan 5774
  • Campers experience Israel in Khabarovsk thanks to their Summer Camp counselors

    Summer Fun in Khabarovsk

    Around the world in ten days
    By Jewish Agency on 17 Sep 2013 / 13 Tishrei 5774
  • Counselors at a Minsk Summer Camp 2013

    Summer Fun in Minsk

    Thousands enjoy summer at camps in Minsk
    By Margot Saffer on 16 Sep 2013 / 12 Tishrei 5774
  • Jewish Agency for Israel Chairman Natan Sharansky speaking at a memorial service at Babi Yar in the Ukraine, where the Nazis killed some 50,000 Jews in the autumn of 1941

    Sharansky, Jewish Leaders Mourn at Babi Yar

    'Today, we are obliged to eradicate the phenomenon of the new anti-Semitism'
    By Jewish Agency on 26 Aug 2013 / 20 Elul 5773