• Israeli hip-hop artist Subliminal leads workshop on rap-infused Jewish learning

    Contemporary Israel in Newark, NJ

    Israeli hip-hop sensation Subliminal to lead workshop on rap-infused Jewish learning
    By Benjy Rutland on 24 Apr 2013 / 14 Iyar 5773
  • Meet Subliminal: The Jay-Z of Israel

    'Subliminal', P2G's latest fan

    Israel's groundbreaking hip-hop artist, "Subliminal," (Ya'akov Kobi Shimoni), says he's thrilled to make the connection with The Jewish Agency's P2G Partnership2Gether
    By נתן רועי on 07 Feb 2013 / 27 Shevat 5773
  • שני שליחים בין שיעורים בקיבוץ שפיים, מתכוננים לשליחות במחנה קיץ בצפון אמריקה

    Shlichim ready for NA summer camps

    More than a thousand are prepping for an exciting, educational trek
    By נתן רועי on 18 Apr 2013 / 8 Iyar 5773
  • Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the joint winners of the World Bible Quiz, 2013, Elior Babian, 16, Yishai Eisenberg, 15, and Education Minister, Shai Piron

    Israeli, US contestant both win at jubilee World Bible Quiz

    "We have joint values, built around the Bible."
    By Dave Bender on 11 Apr 2013 / 1 Iyar 5773
  • Young shlichim

    Gov't minister lauds Agency shlichim

    'In your hands you hold the power to ignite the spark of change'
    By Benjy Rutland on 03 Apr 2013 / 23 Nisan 5773
  • Masa Israel: Iri's journey

    'I am seeking my brothers'

    A bittersweet account of Israeli life in a Miami-area enclave leaves troubling questions
    By Yoram Dori on 24 Mar 2013 / 13 Nisan 5773
  • My Israel-Shuki Hasson

    Oz Jewish students launch pro-Israel campaign

    The ‘My Israel’ site aims to battle int'l de-legitimization
    By Benjy Rutland on 21 Mar 2013 / 10 Nisan 5773
  • Limmud FSU members at an event held in Princeton, NJ

    Limmud FSU Summit: 'A weekend of firsts'

    '...a strong Russian-Jewish community that is interested in its future and its place in the wider North American Jewish world'
    By Yoram Dori on 21 Mar 2013 / 10 Nisan 5773
  • tal brody

    Israeli – US hoops legend savors hometown visit

    'To be honored at half time, it's huge, a great feeling': Tal Brody
    By Dave Bender on 13 Mar 2013 / 2 Nisan 5773
  • New Jewish Agency emissary to Brazil, Ravital Poleg, with Shimon Peres, circa 1997

    New Brazilian Aliyah emissary excited over role

    'The Jewish Agency is very relevant to Jews in South America searching for a sense of belonging'
    By נתן רועי on 13 Feb 2013 / 3 Adar 5773