• Sharansky, Jewish Leaders Mourn at Babi Yar

    'Today, we are obliged to eradicate the phenomenon of the new anti-Semitism'
    By Jewish Agency on 26 Aug 2013 / 20 Elul 5773
  • Meet the 'Humans of Tel Aviv'

    'Before you judge us Israelis, get to know us'
    By Margot Saffer on 24 Feb 2013 / 14 Adar 5773
  • Agency honors outstanding partners' service

    'The Jewish Agency is as relevant today as when it was created; if didn't exist today someone would have to create it.'
    By Margot Saffer on 21 Feb 2013 / 11 Adar 5773
  • Jewish Agency lauds outgoing Cabinet Secretary

    'The entire project's really a result of Tzvi's hard work'
    By נתן רועי on 20 Feb 2013 / 10 Adar 5773
  • Agency holds 'town hall' talk on women's Kotel prayer services

    'What is important is to keep our family together'
    By Margot Saffer on 19 Feb 2013 / 9 Adar 5773
  • Netanyahu calls for extending Sharansky's term

    Natan Sharansky is a "symbol of Jewish unity and the triumph of the Jewish People over adversity," the prime minister said.
    By Margot Saffer on 18 Feb 2013 / 8 Adar 5773
  • New Knesset members reflect diversity, change

    'We are a part of the same community; Israel is important to all of us, and we really need you'
    By Margot Saffer on 17 Feb 2013 / 7 Adar 5773
  • Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, speaking at opening plenary of the Board of Governors meeting

    Sharansky lauds new programs boosting Israel - Diaspora ties

    'The new Knesset includes many members who share an interest in issues of Jewish Identity'
    By Benjy Rutland on 17 Feb 2013 / 7 Adar 5773