• A First Passover in Israel:

    This year, the Weill and Gilberg families – originally from Paris – are celebrating their first Passover in Israel as Israelis. “Back in Paris, we didn’t expect this outpouring of love and warmth from
    By נתן רועי on 17 Apr 2014 / 17 Nisan 5774
  • Haaretz: As Jews flee unrest, new figures show sharp rise in immigration from Ukraine

    Haaretz's Judy Maltz reports: Number of new immigrants from Ukraine registered at the ministry in the first three months of the year totaled 557, an increase of 43 percent over the same period
    By on 10 Apr 2014 / 10 Nisan 5774
  • The Jerusalem Post: Jewish Agency expands Jerusalem call center

    The Jerusalem Post reports: Spokesman says the call center received nearly twenty thousand calls in the first three months of 2014, marking a 264% increase over last year.
    By on 10 Apr 2014 / 10 Nisan 5774
  • Love at First Sight – in the Aliyah Global Center

    Meirav Abramovich of Israel met Daniel Chai from South Africa when she was an emissary of the Global Center during an Aliyah Campaign of The Jewish Agency. This romance began with the Aliyah Center –
    By נתן רועי on 10 Apr 2014 / 10 Nisan 5774
  • “The Festival of Freedom” – A First Passover in Israel

    Dozens of new olim from Odessa celebrate Passover for the first time in Israel.
    By Давид Шехтер on 09 Apr 2014 / 9 Nisan 5774
  • The Jewish Agency provides olim with benefits and an easy immigration process

    Your Day of Aliyah

    Happy Yom Aliyah
    By Margot Saffer on 08 Apr 2014 / 8 Nisan 5774
  • Springtime in Paris

    When we end the Haggadah with the words, "Next Year in Jerusalem,” let’s not forget that this is not only a statement of possibility. It is a statement of reality for those who need the refuge
    By Misha Galperin on 03 Apr 2014 / 3 Nisan 5774
  • Shlomo Yidov: Dreaming in Spanish, Living in Israel

    The Argentinian-born Israeli musician responsible for some of Israeli music’s classic hits, such as White Days (Yamim Levanim), Deep Blue Evening (Erev Cachol Amok, or Como la Luna), Yidov has now
    By נתן רועי on 01 Apr 2014 / 1 Nisan 5774
  • French Immigration to Israel Surges

    “Wherever I go, I am always going to Israel.” Aliyah from France has risen sharply since the start of the year, due to a struggling economy, increased anti-Semitism, and a culture of passionate
    By Joshua Berkman on 31 Mar 2014 / 29 Adar II 5774
  • The Birth of a Hebrew Voice: Israeli Satirist and Playwright Ephraim Kishon's Beginnings at Ulpan Etzion

    The Hebrew-Hungarian author Ephraim Kishon (Ferenc Hoffmann, or his Hungarian name, Ferenc Kishhont), a world-renowned contemporary writer, began his career as a satirist in communist Hungary. At a
    By Chen Mor on 25 Mar 2014 / 23 Adar II 5774