• Aliyah: From Freezing Finland to Israel

    Over 20,000 immigrants have made Aliyah from the FSU via Finland with the aid of Finnish Christian supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.
    By Amishai Gottlieb on 29 Feb 2016 / 20 Adar 5776
  • Emergency Hotline for Immigrants

    In response to Israel's ongoing security situation, The Jewish Agency is offering an emergency hotline for immigrants (olim) to help cope with the stresses and emotional difficulties related to
    By on 22 Oct 2015 / 9 Heshvan 5776
  • In the Shade of Terror, Olim Choose Be'ersheva

    “The choice of young Jews from around the world to build their future in Israel, in preference over other countries, is a real victory of Zionism." - Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky
    By Amishai Gottlieb on 21 Oct 2015 / 8 Heshvan 5776
  • Young immigrants who arrived in Israel in recent days from various countries prepare for their first Rosh Hashanah as Israelis at The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Ye’elim Absorption Center in Beersheba

    Aliyah on the Rise: 29,500 Immigrants Arrived in Israel in the Jewish Year 5775*

    Israel saw a big rise in immigration this year, with 29,500 who moved to Israel from 97 countries around the world.
    By on 09 Sep 2015 / 25 Elul 5775
  • MK Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of the Knesset

    Exclusive Interview with MK Yuli Edelstein

    "The decision to make aliyah should not be made because of terror attacks or pogroms, but out of a sense of conviction, Jewish identity and a bond with Israel."
    By נתן רועי on 29 Jan 2015 / 9 Shevat 5775
  • אילנה ויונתן כהן

    A Honeymoon in Israel

    Ilana and Yonatan Cohen have been married for a month – and though they are originally from the City of Light, the City of Love, Paris, they’ve chosen Israel as their honeymoon destination, and also
    By נתן רועי on 21 Jan 2015 / 1 Shevat 5775
  • Global Aliyah Center Faces Wave of Aliyah Appeals from France

    The Global service center of TJA, working daily to assist those seeking to make Aliyah worldwide, has seen a 300% increase in demand for its Center’s services since the Paris attacks. Suddenly, the
    By נתן רועי on 15 Jan 2015 / 24 Tevet 5775
  • The funeral procession for Yoav Hattab

    Yoav Hattab is Brought to Rest After Paris Attack: Ilanit Kourchia Remembers

    “You are coming to France, my sister. Take the Star of David off your neck."
    By נתן רועי on 13 Jan 2015 / 22 Tevet 5775
  •  Hundreds of French Jews attend a Jewish Agency Aliyah (immigration) information fair under tight security in central Paris, Sunday, January 11.

    Hundreds of French Jews Attend Jewish Agency Aliyah Fair in Central Paris

    Sharansky: "The Jewish Agency embraces the French Jewish community at this difficult time and is extending its full support"
    By Jewish Agency on 11 Jan 2015 / 20 Tevet 5775
  • Aliyah Hits Ten-Year High: Approximately 26,500 New Immigrants Arrived in Israel in 2014

    Worldwide Aliyah up 32% compared to 2013. For the first time ever, more immigrants came from France than from any other country; Aliyah from Ukraine up 190% – nearly threefold – compared to last year.
    By Jewish Agency on 02 Jan 2015 / 11 Tevet 5775