• A Summer in Israel – and the Business It Inspired

    23-year-old Emily Levy is the founder and CEO of Mighty Well, a company that offers stylish solutions for people suffering from chronic illnesses. She credits a summer internship in Haifa for
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 03 Jan 2017 / 5 Tevet 5777
  • Board of Governors conducts special meeting at the Knesset

    Prime Minister Netanyahu, Knesset Members, and Chairman Natan Sharansky Took Part in the Gathering
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 01 Nov 2016 / 30 Tishrei 5777
  • Supporting Diverse Streams of Judaism in Israel

    The Jewish Agency enables a wide variety of ways to experience Judaism in the Jewish State
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 28 Oct 2016 / 26 Tishrei 5777
  • Judith Gozlan and her family at the special flight from France

    Reunited After 9 Years: A French Aliyah Story

    An emotional family reunion at Ben Gurion Airport as a family reunites in Israel as her brother- and sister-in-law were among the 201 immigrants arriving on the season’s biggest Aliyah flight from
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 21 Oct 2016 / 19 Tishrei 5777
  • David Ben Shimon

    Dancing All the Way to Israel

    A choreographed journey to a new life
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 21 Oct 2016 / 19 Tishrei 5777
  • Lone Soldier Receives Honor from President Reuven Rivlin

    Ariela Tenenbaum immigrated to Israel from Guatemala. She is a lone soldier in the IDF, and received an honor from Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin, for excellence in her IDF service.
    By Avi Bass on 14 Oct 2016 / 12 Tishrei 5777
  • A New Dawn: Becoming an Ambassador for Israel

    Dawn Kassirer grew up in Orange County, New York with a Christmas tree in her home. Masa was a turning point for her.
    By Amishai Gottlieb on 11 Oct 2016 / 9 Tishrei 5777
  • You can take the Israeli to Mexico, but...

    Gal Komem tells his story of finding new perspective when he went to Mexico to volunteer on Project TEN.
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 10 Oct 2016 / 8 Tishrei 5777
  • Project TEN: Discovering a Hidden History in the Lower Galilee

    Shelby Lifshitz took a chance and moved to Israel for a year of volunteering, hardly conceiving that the trip would end with an amazing discovery about the hidden life of her family.
    By Amishai Gottlieb on 19 Sep 2016 / 16 Elul 5776
  • Fanny Fulfills Her Aliyah

    After a journey around the world, Fanny finally returned home, to Israel.
    By Amishai Gottlieb on 19 Sep 2016 / 16 Elul 5776