• From Tragedy to Blessing - A Journey to Israel

    Orit Yegardo Efraim nearly didn’t make it to Israel from Ethiopia. Much of the journey was on foot. As she walked through Sudan, she “started feeling sick and I collapsed. Friends, one on the right
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 18 Oct 2017 / 28 Tishrei 5778
  • Optimism Amid Tragedy: Jewish Agency Shlichim in Houston

    Hurricane Harvey caused immense damage in the Houston area, and the Jewish population was not spared. But Jewish Agency emissaries arrived at the scene to help residents in their time of need.
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 26 Sep 2017 / 6 Tishrei 5778
  • Bringing Together Jewish Students from Israel and Around the World

    With the new school year just around the corner, many students at Jewish schools have a special reason to be excited about returning to the classroom: They’ll soon get to reconnect with the overseas
    By Daniel Temkin on 22 Aug 2017 / 30 Av 5777
  • Pluralism and Pride

    As the first openly gay rabbi to lead a Masorti (Conservative) synagogue in Israel, British-born Rabbi Mikie Goldstein knows a thing or two about the importance of accepting and learning from
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 20 Aug 2017 / 28 Av 5777
  • Bringing Israel to Princeton

    Representing Israel at one of America’s most highly selective universities comes with special challenges and opportunities
    By Daniel Temkin on 23 Jul 2017 / 29 Tamuz 5777
  • Supporting Diverse Streams of Judaism in Israel

    The Jewish Agency enables a wide variety of ways to experience Judaism in the Jewish State
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 20 Jul 2017 / 26 Tamuz 5777
  • From Athens with Love

    Four years after touring Israel as part of the first Taglit-Birthright group from Greece, today sisters Aela and Lydia Liveriou call Israel home. This is the story of their transformation from
    By daniel on 25 May 2017 / 29 Iyar 5777
  • After a Tragedy, Druze Intelligence Officer is Grateful for the Fund for the Victims of Terror

    When Knan Trudi’s brother-in-law was killed in a terror attack in Jerusalem, his family received assistance from The Jewish Agency’s Fund for the Victims of Terror. Knan, from the Druze village of
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 25 Apr 2017 / 29 Nisan 5777
  • Aliyah – My Turning Point

    For Lena Bregman, immigrating to Israel from the Former Soviet Union was the most important decision she made.
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 25 Apr 2017 / 29 Nisan 5777
  • My Exodus

    Beny Lidsky, director of the Aliyah and Israel Experience Programs of the Jewish Agency’s Russian-Speaking Jewry Unit fought for the right to make aliyah from a very young age. For him, Aliyah was a
    By נתן רועי on 07 Apr 2017 / 11 Nisan 5777