• "Nothing will help so long as Europe's political and intellectual leadership refrains from declaring all-out war against the demonization of the Jewish state."

    Sharansky on Yesterday's Attacks in Brussels and Paris

    Chairman Natan Sharansky issues a statement following yesterday's attacks in Brussels and Paris.
    By Natan Sharansky on 25 May 2014 / 25 Iyar 5774
  • Springtime in Paris

    When we end the Haggadah with the words, "Next Year in Jerusalem,” let’s not forget that this is not only a statement of possibility. It is a statement of reality for those who need the refuge
    By Misha Galperin on 03 Apr 2014 / 3 Nisan 5774
  • French Aliyah By The Numbers

    Last year there was an historic surge in Aliyah to Israel from France. And if the first two months of 2014 are any indication, French Aliyah is just beginning. The Jewish Agency for Israel believes
    By on 02 Apr 2014 / 2 Nisan 5774
  • French Immigration to Israel Surges

    “Wherever I go, I am always going to Israel.” Aliyah from France has risen sharply since the start of the year, due to a struggling economy, increased anti-Semitism, and a culture of passionate
    By Joshua Berkman on 31 Mar 2014 / 29 Adar II 5774