• The Jewish Agency Responds to Terror

    An Emotional Meeting with a Terror Victim’s Elderly Mother and Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin
    By on 19 Oct 2015 / 6 Heshvan 5776
  • 5 Things You Can Do to Help Israel Now

    Many of us want to help Israel during this difficult time. But what can we do to help the situation? What if we live far away? Here's our list of five things you can do to help now.
    By on 16 Oct 2015 / 3 Heshvan 5776
  • Meeting with Victims of Terror

    The Jewish Agency met with several victims of terror and their families in the past week to give them support and hear their stories.
    By on 16 Oct 2015 / 3 Heshvan 5776
  • Young immigrants who arrived in Israel in recent days from various countries prepare for their first Rosh Hashanah as Israelis at The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Ye’elim Absorption Center in Beersheba

    Aliyah on the Rise: 29,500 Immigrants Arrived in Israel in the Jewish Year 5775*

    Israel saw a big rise in immigration this year, with 29,500 who moved to Israel from 97 countries around the world.
    By on 09 Sep 2015 / 25 Elul 5775
  • ילדה קטנטנה גדולה

    Facing Fear in Southern Israel

    Ravit Elia-Leib, Director of Social Services-Southern Region for the Unit for Aliyah, Absorption, and Special Operations, writes from the South: How her daughter met fear,
    By on 29 Jul 2014 / 2 Av 5774
  • There's so much you can do in a day.

    On #GivingTuesday, I'm going to support the vital work of The Jewish Agency for Israel.
    By on 01 Dec 2015 / 19 Kislev 5776