• As Israel recovers from wartime, The Jewish Agency is at the heart of the rehabilitation process throughout Israel.

    As Israel recovers from wartime, The Jewish Agency is at the heart of the rehabilitation process throughout Israel.

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A new immigrant from Paris, and another from Kiev, arrive to sirens over Tel Aviv. An engineer in Ashkelon was looking forward to summer vacation, but instead, his family has spent most days together – in a bomb shelter. A businessman in Be'er Sheva is ready to close his store. It has been empty for weeks on end. A lone soldier from Boston finds himself serving in a war. But he is not alone. In fact, none of them are.

Throughout Operation Protective Edge, The Jewish Agency is there – and so is your support. On the ground. In real time. 

Here’s what your support has done for the people of Israel:

Ashkelon, Israel. Elior and her mother, community activists, have been involved in respite activities for local children.

Days of Respite
Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, The Jewish Agency has provided days of respite for over 70,000 children and teens from Israel’s southern region and communities near Gaza. These full day programs and activities outside areas subject to rocket fire are facilitated by trained professional staff with expertise in stress and trauma management.


Fund for the Victims of Terror
The Jewish Agency has mobilized and given emergency grants to the families directly impacted by rocket fire and other acts of terror. So far, nearly 100 emergency grants have been distributed throughout the war within 24 hours of the incident or injury, so that families can have a bit of immediate relief. Longer term assistance is also available through the fund for those found eligible.



Psychological Support for New Immigrants
There are over 4,000 Olim in the southern region, many of whom require psychological support during these trying times. The absorption centers employ drama, puppet, individual, group, and parent therapy for immigrants in need.


Lone Soldiers
Emergency WINGS programs are running at full capacity, continuing to help lone olim soldiers, dealing with post-war rehabilitation and entry into civilian life – in full coordination with the Ministry of Defense. 70% of Wings participants were in combat during Operation Protective Edge. The war has cost the lives of 3 lone soldiers, and wounded 12.



Amigour has continued to build and repair bomb shelters in southern Israel. A Jewish Agency subsidiary, Amigour is Israel’s leading sheltered housing company and 2nd largest public housing group, with the majority of its residents Holocaust survivors, and has constructed 5,000 shelters. Thus far, 3 Amigour apartments have been hit by missiles. Amigour continues to provide assistance to 2,260 elderly Holocaust survivors and new olim in its facilities.


Southern Businesses
Loan Funds assist entrepreneurs and business owners in Israel to open or expand their businesses, through loans with highly attractive conditions, injecting financial life to small businesses. Currently, the loans are meant to serve 300 small- and mid-sized businesses under fire in southern Israel, for future sustainability.


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