Limmud Throughout the Year


The program began in 2015 after formulating the concept of learning sessions of Jewish content and heritage, creating bridges within Israeli society as well ad deepening the thought and language in each community it is occurring.

This important process is also evident Prairie Conference "study" Annual increasingly gaining momentum from year to year with the number of participants is growing.

This important process can also be seen clearly in the Arava at the annual Limmud conference which is growing by leaps, and atracting more participants every year.

We would like to add two additional elements to the Limmud project which are currently lacking in the Arava:

1.     Regular Limmud –Limmud sessions twice a month will create continuity and depth.

2.     A group with participants aged 30-50 - the group members in this age group are part of the second generation in the Arava. This is the central age group in the region which leads the region at present and for the foreseeable future, and includes the head of the Regional Council, the director of the Education Department, the Moshavs managers, etc.
The group will meet for study sessions twice a month, on life issues: life and death, couple-hood, community, justice and charity, identity, education, the ties of man to the land, Israeli holidays and more.
All of the above is from the understanding and the desire to preserve Jewish customs and culture, to reinforce the ties between the second generation in the Arava and their culture, religion and homeland. The meetings will be significant learning experiences.


Meetings of Limmud throughout the Year for the Arava's second-generation will deal with life issues and will be led by a professional moderator of the Kolot BaNegev organisation. The group will be comprised of some 25 participants. The meetings will be held at the community center and the moshavs. There will be a total of 25 meetings between January-December 2016.