A group from Taglit visited the region a few months ago, became familiar with the culture and Jewish heritage in the region through direct contact with residents of the region that hosted the participants in their homes for lunch. The group was divided up into teams, and each team was sent to a different home in Beit Shean in order to research different Jewish cultures. The hostesses told their family stories and customs of their Jewish origin, using the food they made as part of the story of what was passed on from generation to generation. Hava Almo, a resident of the region that hosted one of the teams for an Ethiopian meal, told the story of her journey to Israel. Bat-Zion Yona told the story of her family that came from Iraq and how they settled in Beit Shean.


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    Nerlitz is a year-long program geared for French-speaking young women between the ages of 17-26. The goal of Nerlitz is to deepen each student’s knowledge and appreciation of the Jewish faith, foster her growth in Torah learning, and strengthen her bond to the Land of Israel. Graduates of Nerlitz assume leadership and educational positions in their home countries and endeavor to share their Jewish knowledge with those who were not fortunate to have a good Jewish education. Nerlitz is directed by Rabbi and Mrs. Ackermann, who are founders of the program. They are well known, experienced educators who show great care and warmth for their students.

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