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19 Jan 2014 / 18 Shevat 5774 0


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  • MASA

    This program targets high-school graduates who have an interest in higher education in Israel. The program offers students a chance to earn credits toward Ariel University Center degree, or continue toward a degree at Ariel. The program includes formal and informal courses in Jewish and Israeli studies and reaffirms their ties to Judaism and Zionism through challenging trips in Israel, encounters with Israelis, tours to museums and IDF bases and entertainment venues. Social, recreational, and communal activities also include Shabbat experiences on-campus and at other locations.

  • P2G_Arad_Arad

  • Empowering Israel's Young Women

  • Resource Development

  • YJ Discovery

    YJ Discovery is designed for those participants new to Young Judaea who want to travel and go off the beaten path, be challenged, see all the diversity that Israel and it's people have to offer, and make friends from all over the U.S.