Ensuring the next generation of Jewish life.


Faces of the Jewish Future

Ensuring the next generation of Jewish life

Securing the Jewish future for generations requires building young Jewish leaders who are connected to one another, committed to Israel and to society at large, and who will raise their own families as proud Jews.  

The Jewish Agency, through its global programming, is doing just this.

Let us introduce you to:

  1. Lior – an Israeli born ex-shlicha, who talks about how connecting to Jews abroad helped her connect to her own Judaism
  2. Yigal – a counselor at the Derech Eretz Mechinah at Nitzana from a Russian-speaking home, who tells us how the program helped him to connect to Israeli society and to his own potential therein
  3. Asmalesh – an Ethiopian immigrant and Youth Futures mentor in Arad, who tells us why he chose a career in helping children fulfill their potential
  4. Yelena – an American-raised teacher (born to Uzbekistani parents),  who spent a year in Israel on Masa’s Teaching Fellows program, and shares the impact of the experience
  5. Tomi – a Hungarian communal leader and a founder of the Minyanim program, who tells us what he sees as the secret to young leadership




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09 Nov 2013 / 6 Kislev 5774 0


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