Mandel jcc - beit shean matnas - valley of springs matnas

For the first time, a mission of staff from the Mandel JCC arrived in the region and participated in a joint seminar with staff from the Valley of Springs Community Center and the Beit Shean Community Center. Together they toured, studied and became acquainted with the work of each Community Center for two days while becoming familiar with the city and valley. During the visit, professional relationships and personal connections were made, and new ideas for collaborations were suggested. The directors of the Community Center decided to create a monthly directors forum in order to develop the connection and continue to brainstorm together for joint programs and professional collaborations.



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18 May 2014 / 18 Iyar 5774 0


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    Are you craving to learn the language of the chosen people? Want to be able to have a conversation in Hebrew? Would you like to give back a little? Do you have any plans for the summer? The Beach, Hebrew & Volunteer is the ultimate way to spend your summer and have an experience of a lifetime in Israel. Come to Israel for a four week Hebrew Ulpan program, volunteer several days a week and make an impact on an Israel community and enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Ashdod, Israel.

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