Yitzchak Eldan Member of the Board of Governors

Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan is The Ambassadors' Club President & Founder; Head of the Young Israeli Ambassadors School and Senior Diplomatic advisor to the Israeli Jewish Congress in Jerusalem

Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between the years 1970-2010.
He has a BA degree in Political Science and Middle Eastern studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MA degree in international Relations from the University of Paris.
After completing the MFA cadet course he served in various posts abroad and in Israel.
1973-1974 – Vice-Consul at the Consulate-General in Houston, Texas;
1974-1978 – Spokesperson of the Embassy in Paris
1982-1985 – Consul at the Consulate-General in Montreal, Quebec;
1985-1987 – Deputy Consul-General at the Consulate-General in Los Angeles, California;
1990-1995 – Minister Plenipotentiary (Deputy Chief of Mission) at the Embassy in Paris;
1999-2001 – Ambassador to Denmark
2001-2003 – Ambassador to UNESCO (Paris) and the Council of Europe (Strasbourg).
Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan served in different posts. His two most prominent posts were: Head of the MFA diplomatic school (1995-1999); Chief of Protocol in charge of the Diplomatic Corps (2003-2010). During these years, he was a member of the Foreign Ministry Directorate and Chairman of the Appointment Committee for Honorary Consuls.
Ambassador Eldan initiated a number of projects that earned him various awards and decorations:
• The "Roaring Lion" Award of Excellence of the Israeli Association for Public Relations and Spokesmanship, for the Israeli Olive Tree Route, which is part of the Mediterranean Olive Tree Route;
• Commander of the Star of Italian Solidarity, Government of Italy, for his contribution to Israeli-Italian relations;
• Palmes Academiques, France – for his contribution to the Israel-France relations;
• Award of Excellence, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – for his contribution to Israel's Foreign Service;
• Award of Excellence, Civil Service Commission – for his contribution to Israel's Civil Service.
Ambassador Eldan also initiated a number of new ceremonial sites in Israel, in cooperation with the Jewish National Fund– Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael and the ministerial committee for ceremonial:
• "The Grove of Nations" in the Jerusalem Forest, where Heads of State plant a tree during  their visit to Israel;
• "The Ambassadors Forest" in the Yatir area of the Negev;
• "The Honorary Consuls' Grove" in the Aminadav Forest.
Moreover, he initiated, in cooperation with the World Zionist Organization, the renewal of the official wreath-laying ceremony at Herzl's Tomb, on the occasion of Heads of States visits in Israel, before visiting Yad Vashem.

Publications and Academic Activities:
Ambassador Eldan wrote The Ethical Code of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Values and Norms (December 1997) and was responsible for the writing of Being a Diplomat in Israel (November 2008).
In July 2014 Ambassador Eldan was elected to the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency on behalf of the World Zionist Organization.