Yitzchak Lax Member of the Board of Governors

Attorney Dr. Yitzchak Lax has a Bachelor of Law (LLB), a master's degree in business administration (MBA) and doctorate in economics (PHD). Professor in the Department of Management at Bar-Ilan University.

For many years Dr. Lax served as senior partner in a law firm and as director of claims (liabilities) Menora Insurance Company Ltd. ".

He has deep commitment to education and academia and he continued with senior positions in this area, and served as CEO of College "gates of court" in Hod Hasharon and CEO of "Shalem Center" in Jerusalem.

Today, in addition to his legal activities as an arbitrator in an arbitration body of the Bar Association, and as a mediator in legal cases, Dr. Lax acts in senior positions in public and business and is a partner in "germ Biomedical Investments Ltd".

Dr. Lax is chairman of "Amidar - Israel National Housing Company Ltd.", Chairman of "MaccabiDent Ltd - a network of dental clinics of Maccabi Health Services" where he is also a member of the investment committee, and chairman of the "Center and Iitz- Regional development Company Ltd ".
He has served as chairman of  "Maccabi Health Services Fund" (2002-2014), Chairman of "Chim-Nir Flight Services Ltd." (2005-2007), and chairman of the "Pension Fund of the Institute of attorneys' D. Israel Ltd. "(2007-2010).

He also serves as a director and chairman of the audit committee of Liberti Properties Ltd., as a director and chairman of the audit committee of ai.ti.oio. Medical Ltd, as a member of public committee to determine purpose of the estate for the benefit of the country , and as a member of MASA Project. 
He previously served as a director  and chairman of the audit committee of Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. (2011-2014), a director of ioli Capital Markets Ltd. "(2007-2009), a director and as a member of the Audit Committee of Orda Print Industries Ltd. "(2010-2013).

In addition, he served in the past as member of the Audit Committee of Maccabi Health Services "- (2012-2001) and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the" Next Generations of Yad Vashem "(2005-2010). Mr. Lax served as an officer in the IDF (1984-2011).

He is a Board Member since June 2014.