Activity: The Exodus -
A Simulation Game

Moses, Leader of the Entire People


  • To demonstrate the complexity of Moses' task as leader and the complexity of leadership in general.
  • To apply what has been learned of Moses' leadership according to the sources in a simulation game.


  • Twenty-three role cards, in five families
  • Worksheet/questionnaire


  1. First Round:
    The group is divided into five groups -- five families. Each participant takes his/her place and the game begins, as follows:
    1. Read the document you have received. In the course of the game, you are requested to enter the role of your assigned character. Try to understand your him or her and act as you think the character would act.
    2. Read the role description and present yourself to the members of your group according to the document. Conduct family introductions to understand relationships in the family.
    3. Select a member of your group to lead the discussion and report on it at the emergency meeting that will take place immediately afterwards. (formulate your positions according to the documents you have received).
    4. The representative you choose conducts the discussion. The following points should be raised:
      • The group's position
      • The opinion of each member of the group concerning his or her behavior if the rumor concerning the decree turns out to be true. Relate to your identity as Jews. Each person can decide on his or her position personally. Does this lead to a crisis in your family?
  2. Second Round:
    The decree is put into effect: Send a representative of your family to represent himself and the family's position:
    Are you joining the Exodus from Egypt?
    Each individual may join the representatives as he wishes and explain his or her position.
  3. Third Round:
    The moderator asks one person from each family to take the role of Moses: Moses must persuade all the families -- each one according to its background and attitudes -- to leave Egypt.
  4. Final Round:
    Each person fills out the following worksheet/questionnaire:

    Shalom! In Egypt, Families Are Struggling with the Most Important Issue They Have Ever Had to Face! To leave Egypt or to remain here!? You are Moses. Try and persuade them to leave!

    Write down five reasons why they should NOT STAY in Egypt

    Write down five reasons why they should LEAVE Egypt.



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