Educators Exchange

This is an ongoing reciprocal program for the partnership. For the last few years we have seen educators coming to Israel from the partner communities one year with a reciprocal delegation from Israel visiting the partner communities the following year, thus further strengthening and creating an educational living bridge. The program is designed to bring teachers together, creating a solid long term P2G connection through a well thought-out and agreed upon work plan. By creating a face to face get-together we facilitate bringing these professional connections to a more personal relationship. The teachers are already working as a COMMUNITY of educators committed to the success of P2G programming. The members of this delegation will continue to enhance exiting educational connections from previous years and create new ones. The project reinforces Jewish identity between communities via diverse joint projects designed and implemented by the educators. This program goes beyond the initial brainstorming process , it facilitates ownership of the actual design and implementation of programming ideas and enhances the educator s commitment to the P2G programs throughout the year. The educators from the communities will be hosted by their counterparts in the region, both in their homes and schools. The delegation will have an opportunity to visit important local and national sights. For many of the members of this delegation, this will be their first visit to Israel.