Basel 1816

One of the original artwork treasures
of the Jewish European culture in the Enlightenment period, found in its complete form after the Holocaust,
brought to Israel and given over to the Moshe Fogel Collection "Treasures of the Passover Haggadah".

The original Basel Haggadah was edited and revised by Rabbi Shlomo Kashilsberg in 1816 for the well-known Wilhelm Haas Press of Basel in Switzerland.

The Haggadah includes 24 artistic drawings,
delicate wooden engraving, set in a unique and impressive style and decorative framework,
the first Ashkenazi translation written in Hebrew letters.


The original edition of the Basel Haggadah is now being published fully coloured, to mark the new period in the history of the Jewish people,
which began with the first Zionist Congress
held in August 1897, in Basel, Switzerland,
initiated by Dr. Benyamin Zeev Herzl, the visionary of the State of Israel.

The original Basel Haggadah (1816) was printed black and white.





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