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III. Jerusalem Through the Windows of Time - Episodes for Chanukah

Excerpts from Chapter 5:
The Maccabees Re-establish Independence in the Land of Israel

  • Judea as a vassal state with internal autonomy
  • The Hellenizers
  • Antiochus IV and His Oppressive Decrees
  • Opposition to the Decrees
  • The Rebellion Begins
  • The Marriage of Hannah Daughter of Mattathias
  • Fighting for Jerusalem
  • The Conquest of Jerusalem and Purification of the Temple
  • The Eternal Flame Returns to the Altar
  • The Miracle of the Oil
  • Rock of Ages - Maoz Tzur
  • Jerusalem Expands
From "Jerusalem through the Windows of Time",
by Avraham Stahl

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II. Jerusalem Journeys - The Maccabees

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