Young Leadership - Kol Haneshama - Rodef Shalom


The program will focus on the establishment of two corresponding Tikun Olam projects in Jerusalem and New York, by teenagers from the Kol Haneshama Congregation of Jerusalem and the Rodef Shalom Congregation of New York. The groups of teenagers from the two cities will select a Tikun Olam / Social Justice project suited to their city, and will implement it.  From the start of the process, including the selection of projects and joint meetings between the two groups, participants will exchange information and share feelings and concerns using all possible means of communication, which will serve as the basis for individual and group acquaintance between the young people.  The program's pinnacle will be the hosting of the New York group in Israel, and the Jerusalem group in New York, to present the project and to intensify the ties between the youngsters.

In addition a group of students from NY, Israel and Berlin are cultivating a Leadership Seminar.