Index of Photos

Astrakhan, Sephardi Synagogue 1990s photo

Chelyabinsk, Refugees and deportees of World War I in the Chelyabinsk Synagogue , 1915

Chelyabinsk, Synagogue Entrance 1999. Photo by S. Levin

Chelyabinsk, Restored Synagogue 2001

Dnepropetrovsk, Golden Rose Synagogue From a postcard of the early 20th century

Dnepropetrovsk, Synagogue after renovation, the festive opening September 20, 2000

Dnepropetrovsk, Interior of the Synagogue

Dnepropetrovsk, Entrance to the prayer hall

Elisavetgrad, Choral Synagogue, Old postcard

Gomel, Returned building of the former Rosh Pina Synagogue, 1999 photo

Irkutsk, Synagogue, 1995 photo

Irkutsk, Prayer hall of the Synagogue, 1995

Irkutsk, Renovated prayer hall, 2000

Kamenets-Podolsk, Former Great Synagogue. Burned down during World War II. Rebuilt in the 1970s as a restaurant.
Photo from the mid-1990s by Yuli Lifshits

Kazan, Plan for a prayer house facade. The Russian State Historical Archive of St. Petersburg

Kazan, Renovated facade, 1997

Kerch, Facade of renovated Synagogue, July 2001. Photo by V. Kantor

Kharkov, The Choral Synagogue Exterior,
Photo by E. Kotlyar 1995

Kherson, Synagogue before renovation,1998

Kherson, Renovated facade, Photo by V. Kantor 2000

Kherson, Detail of facade, Photo by V. Kantor

Kiev, Celebration of Rosh HaShana in the "Merchants' Synagogue  1924. Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem

Kiev, Kiev. Synagogue on Shchekavitskaya Street
Photo taken in 2001

Kiev, Brodsky Choral Synagogue, Photo from the early 1900s

Kiev, Synagogue after restoration, 2001

Kiev, Renovated entrance to the Synagogue
Photo by S. Levin

Kiev, Renovated prayer hall of the synagogue, 2000

Kirovograd, Returned Synagogue, Recent photo

Kishinev, Synagogue on Diorditsa Street, Photo by S. Levin

Khmelnitsky, Synagogue was torn down in 1991
Photo by Author. 1985

Kostroma, Replacing the paneling of the building, 2000

Kostroma, Before the renovation

KostromaRestored exterior of the side of the building. On the right: new emergency exit from the prayer hall 2001

Kostroma, New window  frames and jambs

Kostroma, Prayer hall after renovation, 2001

Krasnoyarsk, Small House given to the Jewish Community in Krasnoyarsk in compensation for a synagogue building.
In 1991 the house was converted into a synagogue with aid of local contributors

Kuba, Synagogue before renovation, Photo 1994

Kuba, Synagogue after partial renovation, November 1996

Lvov, Synagogue on Ugolnaya Street, Photo from the 1990s.
Center for Jewish Art. Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Lvov, Synagogue facade, 1998

Lvov, Ceiling fresco. Foam rubber support inserted to protect the ceiling fresco during repairs

Lutsk, The Fortress Synagogue. Built in 1626. An-sky Collection.
St. Petersburg Judaica Center

Minsk, State Jewish Theater of Belarussia, formerly the Minsk Choral Synagogue.1930s photo. YIVO Institute

Minsk, Russian Drama Theater, formerly the Minsk Choral Synagogue, totally remodeled. 1999 photo.

Minsk, Renovated back facade of the main building, 2000

Minsk, Side exterior after painting, 1999

Minsk, Facade of the main building, November 1999

Mogilev, Wooden Synagogue. An-sky collection.
St. Petersburg Judaica Center

Moscow, Moscow Choral Synagogue, Entrance
1997 Photo

Moscow, Choral Synagogue. After restoration with new dome. August 2001

Moscow, The Hasidic Synagogue in Marina Roshcha. Built in 1926. Destroyed by fire in 1993.
The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia

Moscow, Memorial Synagogue on Poklonnaya Gora. Photo by N. Koifman. The Russian Jewish Congress

Moscow, New Marina Roshcha Synagogue, March 1997

Moscow, Synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, 2000

Nalchik, New Synagogue of the Mountain Jews. Interior. 1997

Nikolaev, Returned Synagogue, 1999 photo

Nizhnii Novgorod , Facade of the Choral Synagogue

Odessa, Brody Synagogue, built in the 1860s. Old postcard. Chanzanovich Collection. Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem

Odessa, The "Dinamo" Factory at 14 Olgievskaya Street Odessa. A former synagogue. Building in poor condition
Photo 1998

Odessa, View of the synagogue after renovation, 1998

Odessa, Prayer hall

Odessa, Interior of the prayer hall

Omsk, Wooden Synagogue, Photo from the early 1990s

Omsk, Director of the CIS program of the JDC, Asher Ostrin (left) and JDC regional director for Siberia, Seymor Epstein, at the opening of the renovated Synagogue.
December 1996

Oni, Synagogue in the city of Oni, Georgia

Penza, Facade of the community center, 1996

Penza, Facade after renovation. In order to unify the style
of the building, the pilasters were extended to the 3dr storey.

Penza, Corridor of the 2nd storey, before renovation

Penza, Corridor after renovation

Perm, Returned Synagogue. A bank is located in the first floor. 1990s

Rovno, Synagogue, 1998

Rybinsk, Former Synagogue, 1995

Samara, Choral Synagogue in Samara in the early 1900s
YIVO Institute New York

Samara, Synagogue on Chapaev Str. 1997

Samara, Synagogue on Chapaev Street, Interior, 1997

St. Petersburg, Choral Synagogue, Photo by Y. Aleinikov. 2000

St. Petersburg, Choral Synagogue Interior, Photo by Y. Aleinikov. 2000

Smolensk, Vocational School Smolensk, former Choral Synagogue, Photo 1998

Smolensk, Former Choral Synagogue. Old postcard. St. Petersburg Judaica Center

Tbilisi, Ashkenazi Synagogue, Photo 1996

Tbilisi, Synagogue of the Georgian Jews, 1995 photo

Tbilisi, Details of the painting in the ceiling from
the Tbilisi Synagogue of the Georgian Jews
1995 photo

 Tyumen, Ruins of the Tyumen Synagogue, January 1996

Tyumen, Beginning of the renovation: two meters of debris were removed along with pieces of the ruined ceiling, holes in the main walls were filled with brick. Heads of the community Raphael Goldberg (left) and Semyon Rozenberg on the construction site.
June 2000

Tyumen, Detail of the facade, 2001

Tyumen, Reconstructed synagogue, December 2001

Ufa, Foyer of the Philharmonic Hall in Ufa, formerly the prayer hall of the synagogue. 1994 photo

Ufa, Philharmonic Hall, formerly a synagogue. Built in 1908 and closed in 1929. 1996 photo

Vinnitsa, Synagogue facade after renovation, 1998

Vitebsk, Great Synagogue in Vitebsk, old postcard. Built in the early 19th century. YIVO Institute New York

Voronezh, Voronezh Synagogue main entrance
September 2000

Voronezh, Exterior side view

Voronezh, Rear view

Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl. Part of the "Tse U'lmad" Jewish Culture Center after explosion. 1996

Yaroslavl, Workers' dormitory, 1994

Yaroslavl, Tse U'lmad Jewish Culture Center, 1996 photo

Zhitomir, Synagogue and house of the rabbi, 1998



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