Thanks to Yair Farajun, the Mayor of Hof Ashkelon, we were given the opportunity to tell the story and the journey of the partnership by a beautiful spot on the new "Path of light" initiated by the mayor to allow visitors and residents of the region to explore the beauty of Hof Ashkelon by hiking and biking  in the new trail. A lot of time and effort was put into analyzing the terrain and finding the right spot to establish the "Partnership spot" on this beautiful trail  which will tell the story of the natural, beauty of the area and the communities of Hof Ashkelon Regional Council on one hand, and will fit into the Public Space Art project led by local artists & volunteers.

Working closely together with Mayor Yair Farjun we located this interesting & charming spot located near hill no. 138.5 (Hulikat hill) off route 232(approx. 3 km. south to Moshav Cohav Michael ).

The spot was completely untouched and lends itself to imaginative eyes that can see beyond the current reality, skilled hands that can add the artistic aspects, and an open mind for public entrepreneurship.

In the coming months, led by the Partnership's Steering committee and the path's architects, we will build an annual program and start bringing color into our public space through community cooperation.

















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25 Sep 2016 / 22 Elul 5776 0


נקודת שותפות ביחד, אילוסטרציה