During the past year a variety of missions and private visits came to our Partnership area, soaked in our special scenery, visited the various projects the Partnership leads and supports, enjoyed home hospitality and had unforgettable meetings with residents.

Overall in 2016  approximately 150 members of the community in Tucson visited the Partnership area:

* Barry Weisband from the Jewish Federation in Tucson met for black coffee with Yair Farjun the Mayor of Hof Ashkelon.

* Shelly & Steve Silverman visited the Partnership Point for a lookout of the area.

* Asher Amar met with Liat Shalman-Levi (who participated in the cook mission to Tucson) in preparation for the Chef Mission.
* Dusty Friedman & Laura Ritz met with the local artist Oshra Kramp for an artistic Brainstorming.
* Tucson JCC professional  mission cooked dinner alongside the staff of Hof-Ashkelon & Kiryat Malachi community centers. Todd Rockoff (CEO, Tucson JCC) talking about the partnership experience, stated, "Coming to the partnership with our team was transformational. Most people arrived not knowing anyone and immediately felt as if they have been reunited with long lost relatives and friends. The connections that were made strengthened the bond between The Tucson J and Our Partners in Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon. The day was filled with learning, laughing, food and real sadness as we said L’hitraot".

* Ron & Ellyn Safran volunteered at Ofek factory in Kiryat Malachi which employs people with special needs.
* Ezra Alpert who arrived with "Beit Shalom" Mission celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with students from  "Eli Cohen" school (KM) which participate in our School Twinning program.
* Students from the University of Arizona got to know the youth of Kiryat Malachi and were inspired.

* THA Kindergarten teacher Danielle Weiss came to Israel on a private visit and dropped by for a visit at Sigalit kindergarten in Moshav Beer Ganim and read the story "How to heal a broken wing" to the children.

* Scott Zorn (head of JCC youth department) taught the children participating in the School Twining program about the connection between the map of the USA and the 25 cent coin.

* Gila & Isaac Silverman who took part in the Partnership's "The Same Moon" program met with the Danieli family from Kiryat Malachi who they knew through the program.

* Ron & Diane Weintraub longtime supporters & friends of the Partnership, met up with members of the Partnership they haven't seen for a long time. Always great to meet old friends…

 44*  members of the "Weintraub Israel Center" Mission came for a two day visit to the Partnership and spent the night with 35 host families from Kiryat Malachi & Hof Ashkelon that willingly opened their homes & hearts. Jeff Artzi and Steve Weintraub, Weintraub Israel Center (WIC) Co Chairs, wrote about the  Partnership day, “The mission of the Weintraub Israel Center is to build a living bridge between our community in Southern Arizona and our partnership communities in Israel, Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon.  This bridge was strengthened during our time in the partnership region with our Israeli friends.  The warmth, hospitality and true friendship experienced during our visit built and strengthened personal relationships. We’ve referred to these visits as “people to people” connections, and we can tell you that there’s no better feeling than engaging in them.”

Yaron & Osnat Wainstein from Moshav Gea who hosted Jeff Artzi share with us their hosting experience: "Jeff is such a warm person. The conversation during dinner was flowing and we had a great pleasure to host him in our home. It was wonderful to meet Jeff and hear from him about our partners in Tucson Arizona. We will be more than happy to welcome additional members of the community to our home in the future".





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