Bet Midrash for Israeli Jewish Leadership

Bet Midrash for Israeli Jewish Leadership prepares leadership for Jewish renewal in Israel and fosters connections between young leaders in Israel and North and South America. Programs:

1) Mishlei - 2-year Masorti Bet Midrash for young adults offering in-depth learning of traditional Jewish sources, skills in Jewish renewal and community action, and an M.A. degree;

2) Ordination- 3-year leadership program integrating a spiritual encounter with Jewish learning and meaningful internships in Masorti congregations, influencing thousands of children and youth;

3) Torah Leshma (new) – intensive study of  Jewish sources in a Beit Midrash atmosphere with an open and questioning approach;

4) New Media (new): geared to the young generation, offers a new media platform of Jewish sources addressing issues involving pluralism and religious tolerance in Israel.


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