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Counterpoint -English-language summer camp for Israeli youth


During the summer vacation, a team of selected students from Yeshiva University runs an English-language summer camp for Israeli youth, providing them with a safe space, a healthy and nutritious environment, and a positive educational framework, using the arts, sports and teaching English. By giving personal attention to each trainee, the summer camp allows for personal growth and strengthens the sense of value and self-confidence of each participant. The program is implemented in close cooperation with the municipal education department, partnerships together, the Jewish Agency, the high school, the community center, English teachers, educators and parents.

Students from Yeshiva University who participate in the operation of the camps are engaged in supplementary studies, workshops and classes that relate directly to volunteer work. This learning takes place in seminars run in the weeks preceding the camp, and the following week. The curriculum includes social activism; Zionist studies with an emphasis on the Negev; A background to the development of development towns and center-periphery relations, and an examination of pedagogy and educational methodology. In addition to the above, during the camp there are two days of trips in which the students can go out and learn about the above subjects in informal and enjoyable ways.


The summer camp is run under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Local Chief Guides participate in mandatory seminars, training sessions and briefings.
The target audience and participants are 160 high school students, Israeli youth. The counselors, all of whom are Jewish-American, are students of Yeshiva University.

The Counterpoint camps are held in three southern cities: Kiryat Malachi, Arad and Dimona.

Thanks to the support of the Jewish Agency for our program, we were able to expand the program in another week, a point that was requested by all the youth coordinators in the cities that hold the program. In the past, the camp lasted two weeks, and this year we have extended the project to three weeks, which strengthens the connection between the youth and the counselors and enables them to reach the educational goals in a much more effective way.

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