Hebrew Union College - Israeli Rabbinic Program

The Israeli Rabbinic Program (IRP) is a training program designed to develop liberal religious leadership in Israel.

IRP trains men and women, primarily in the 30-50 year-old age group, who are looking to lead meaningful processes in Israel and forge a liberal religious Zionist vision in Israel.

The program incorporates four years of studies, and trainees must have a Master’s degree in various Jewish studies fields, in addition to their studies on the IRP program.

IRP graduates play an important role in the activism fabric of Israeli society, in congregations of the Israel Reform Movement and in Jewish renewal in Israel, in education systems and the community at large, and in NPOs and other organizations that advance equality, social justice and values of human and Tikkun Adam (repairing of people) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

In order to serve as a leading and important factor in dialogue on Jewish renewal in Israel, the HUC Jerusalem campus has set out to have 10-15 graduates a year, who undergo training in a wide range of fields, in addition to the community field which is a prerequisite for religious leaders.


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