The Role of Masorti in Israeli Society

Celebrating life cycle events in the Masorti Movement

This program serves to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israelis and of Jews in the Diaspora who have an affinity for traditional Judaism.

Through Jewish study, celebrating life cycle events, egalitarian prayer opportunities and conversion courses, the program offers alternative religious services. We also offer counseling and advice on matters of marriage, conversion, Brit Milah, burial, Kashrut, Jewish divorce, Zeved HaBat, conversion-Aliyah, and prayer at Ezrat Yisrael – the egalitarian section of the Western Wall.

In addition, the Masorti Movement is the organization responsible for making arrangements for ceremonies and prayer services at Ezrat Yisrael. We also help people make Aliyah. Materials prepared by the program for the holidays and liturgical offerings are used by wide audiences throughout Israel.