Support for Religious Streams is a central component of The Jewish Agency's commitment to pluralism and inclusion.To connect Jews to each other

The Jewish Agnecy , is supporting 31 programs of the tree main Religion Streams of Judaism in Israel.

We help Israelis understand the varied expressions of Judaism outside Israel, and help Jews worldwide feel that their styles of Jewish expression can find a home in Israel.

In 2015 The Jewish Agency allocated more than $2.73 million to Israel's Reform, Conservative, and Modern Orthodox movements.

This support significantly bolsters the presence of these religious movements in Israel, strengthens their impact, and helps ensure essential religious diversity and inclusion that affects hundreds of thousands of members in Israel's Jewish population.

Among the 31 programs funded by The Jewish Agency are local activities including youth movements, leadership training programs, bar/bat mitzvah programs, services for youth at risk, elementary school networks, activities for young adults, and more.  The organizations operating the programs are the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, the World Union for Progressive Judaism, Hebrew Union College, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the Masorti Movement, the TALI School Network, the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary, the International Young Israel Movement, Midreshet Yerushalayim, and the OU Israel Center. 



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