Connecting Kindergarten - 12th Grade Teachers & Students

School Twinning is a curriculum-based program in which Partnership2Gether (P2G) provides structured lesson plans specifically designed for class twinning.

Read below and download the flyer here:  P2G_SchoolTwinning_Flyer_2017.pdf



  • Yeshivat Hakotel

    Yeshivat Hakotel aspires to give international students the opportunity to learn Torah in a genuine Israeli Yeshivat Hesder environment, fostering a true love of Israel and its people as well as the Torah through intense learning, integration with Israeli students and trips/recreation throughout the year. Yeshivat Hakotel offers a vast range of programs including multi-level Gemarah classes, Jewish Law, Jewish Thought, and Tanach lessons, as well as special guest lectures on varied topics. The Yeshiva also offers a volunteer program in the Jerusalem area.

  • Leaders
    Greenberg Uri Zvi


  • Israel Diaspora Relations
    Restitution in the CIS -The International Aspect

  • Herzl
    Down and Out in Vienna

  • Ninth of Av
    9 Av FAQ


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