2017-18 programs for all to take part in!

P2G Teacher Training Online Seminar Series - Sing2Gether - CHIDON

Read below and download the flyer here:  P2G_EducationPrograms_Flyer_2017.pdf



  • Herzl
    Theodor Herzl Memorabilia 2

  • Jewish Community
    Introducing Community

  • Shlichim Menu
    15 Jul 2013 / 8 Av 5773
  • Euro-Quest Spain + Israel Journey

    Travel throughout the Iberian Peninsula on Euro-Quest Spain, exploring the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Toledo, Cordoba and Granada. View the art of Picasso, climb the Rock of Gibraltar, tour Al Hambra Palace, and spend a memorable Shabbat on the island of Majorca surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Then continue from Spain to Israel on Israel Journey. Travel from the Galilee in the north to the tropical Red Sea in the south. Experience a Shabbat in Jerusalem, watch the sunrise from the top of Masada, and tap into the innovative spirit of Tel Aviv.

  • Solidarity with the People of Israel
    27 Nov 2016 / 26 Heshvan 5777


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