2017-18 programs for all to take part in!

P2G Teacher Training Online Seminar Series - Sing2Gether - CHIDON

Read below and download the flyer here:  P2G_EducationPrograms_Flyer_2017.pdf



  • Jerusalem Day
    No 4. Alef Bus Route

  • Machaneh Avoda Bnei Akiva France and Belgium

    Bnei Akiva Machane Avoda is an experience of a lifetime that you’ll never forget. It’s a unique camp where you’ll see new sights and places, make lots of new friends, see Israel like never before and have the time of your life! This isn’t just a tour – it’s Israel Machane – and as you’d expect from Bnei Akiva, there’s loads to learn. Even when you don’t realize it, you’ll be soaking up more than just the sun. And there’s so much more! Caves, tunnels, swimming, museums, special guests, tochniot, shabbatot, peulot, climbs, nights out…

  • News
    Speech and Video of Natan Sharansky at GA

  • Places in Israel

  • Conversion
    Activity Basis


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