THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha Week in Review: Oct. 26 - Nov. 2, 2018 / Heshvan 17- 24, 5779

Communities Council: January 27-29, 2019 in NW IN Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN


Register today for the Council of Communities happening January 27-29, 2019 in Northwest, IN

Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN

All of us, Israelis and Americans stand with the Pittsburgh Jewish community this week as we all mourned their members who were killed during Shabbat services for being Jewish.

  • What a wonderful thing! The Western Galilee was overrun by "Consortiumers" this week!
  • Buffalo arrived 80 strong and were greeted by Andrea Arbel, Director of the JAFI Partnership2Gether Dept., our Chair Efrat and hosts at ACAT. We sang and danced with Yisrael Dayan (let Avital know if you want him to come for Yom Haatzmaout!), had home hospitality and the next morning had very impactful visits at the Ghetto Fighters House and had opportunities to become familiar with Learn2Gether, Jenan's initiatives in Akko and the beauty and history of Rosh Hanikra. Bikers from Buffalo enjoyed a ride south from Rosh Hanikra - seeing the TPC site from their bikes!
  • The JWRP Omaha women led by Louri Sullivan had an inspiring day visiting the GMC (and the indoor play area created with support from Omaha), seeing school twinning up close, meeting volunteers from all over who are soon to be Lone Soldiers and catching the setting sun at Rosh Hanikra before they headed to the airport.
  • Municipal elections across the country created some new realities, in the Western Galilee- Shimon Lankri will continue as the Mayor of Akko and Moshe Davidovitch will now be the Mayor of Matte Asher. Our neighbor Nahariya got a new mayor after more than 30 years!!!
  • Planning to welcome the NW IN mission next week! Remember to register for the Communities Council - your chance to fly/drive to Chicago and enjoy the NW hospitality!! See link above.
  • The first Women Leading a Dialogue group completed their visits yesterday to Ft Wayne, South Bend and Austin. Kudos and thanks to the host communities. The women impacted and were impacted by a wide variety of encounters with groups throughout the communities. Check out the photos and comments on Facebook.
  • Dayton, Ft Worth and Youngstown are gearing up to receive the second group of WLD this coming week. Follow them on Facebook.
  • Planning, planning - All the committees are developing their plans for 2019-2020. Have an idea?? Let us know!!!
  • B'h - My husband and I  are thrilled to share that our youngest, Amitai is engaged to Shira Rosenack and thinking about getting married before Purim! 

Shabbat Shalom,





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