THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha Week in Review: Sept. 21 - Oct. 4, 2018 / Tishrei 12 - 26, 5779

SAVE the DATES: Communities Council: January 27-29, 2019 in NW IN and The Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN


Communities Council:  January 27-29, 2019  in NW IN
Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN

Mazel tov to our Young Adult Hungarian chair, Istvan Barsory who has won a prestigious Architectural Award in Hungary !!

Refua Shlema to Ronit Sherwin after surgery on her arm break.

Finding life "after the holidays"....

The Bike and Bourbon is happening! Nine enthusiastic riders from Israel (accompanied by Heidi!) to be joined with at least 20 American riders each day. Last night was the dedication of the mosaic created by  Lisa Klein who together with husband,  Robert are the Louisville Partnership chairs. Lisa who met "mosaics" in the Western Galilee has taken time off from her medical practice to explore new avenues, creating this special piece for Israel's 70th Anniversary. Photos on Facebook Mazel tov Lisa!

Together with Michelle, making a round of conference calls with all the US Committee chairs. We are listening to the needs and will try to create better on going communication and support.

Thanks to all the Partnership volunteers for their part in making a wonderful party for the Lone Soldiers in the Western Galilee and also to the Police Station of Nahariya who brought cases of drinks, arranged the security permits and took the soldiers back to their kibbutzim in  police vans!!!!

With the Forum of Community(Federation) Representatives (FCR) met with the new JAFI Chair, "Boogey" Yitzhak Herzog. He came to listen about the federations' concerns, needs and wants from the Jewish Agency. Very down to earth, receptive  and brings a new spirit! He is making rounds to federations... let us know if you would like to request a visit.

Lots of new school twinnings are beginning as the school year begins! Contact Carmit if you have an interested class.

The alums of the Young Adult Building Bridges Seminar - Israelis, Americans and Hungarians- will meet on a Zoom call this coming Sunday. They are looking to adapt/adopt the idea begun in Hungary of Round Tables - Creating a Hot Spot - for discussion on hot topics. Stay tuned...

For young retirees/mature adults/active grandparents: the Partnership is offering a UNIQUE experience in the Western Galilee - the name is still on the drawing board- Partnership Academy? Lifelong Learning? B2Gether?- in short a week to learn in depth, experience in depth and make life long friends in the Western Galilee. Winter Break 2019. Start thinking about coming and bringing your friends.

Planning for many visitors pre and post GA. Before the GA- we will host visitors from Dallas, Dayton, Indianapolis and San Antonio for a day including a hard hat tour of TPC under construction. Post GA we are revving up for 90 from Buffalo and 20some from NW IN. Welcome!!

A number of lay leaders and staff from the Partnership will attend the GA in Tel Aviv - will see how to gather all our Consortium friends!

Shabbat shalom!





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