The Bimba Project was founded in 2013 as part of the Yeruham Community Robotics Group (bimbas are child-sized cars which children can "drive"). The project began as a collaborative effort by the robotics league and the Eliyah pre-school, which is designed for children with motor disabilities and visual problems (up to actual blindness). The members of the league took a regular motorized vehicle and adapted it according to the limitations of the particular child. The work included adding a remote control device for the pre-school teacher, reducing speed, adding a position-adjusted button, a stability system and more.

The adapted vehicle helps the children develop spatial perception despite their motor and visual limitations. The project was a great success and became part of the pre-school's regular work program. In light of this success, additional vehicles were adapted for all of the pre-schools in the network, as well as for the families of the children that requested to use the vehicles after school hours.

Cooperation has recently been established with the Tsad Kadima Association which runs pre-schools and rehabilitation programs for children with cerebral palsy. With the help of the Perigo Company from Yeruham, vehicles were donated and adapted according to the special needs of the children in various different pre-schools. The Bimba Project is an excellent example of how the technological knowledge of the robotics group can be implemented in order to benefit the community.

The Yeruham-Miami Partnership supports this project and is even marketing it in the Miami community. During the past few months the Miami community has donated funds for purchase of ten bimba vehicles.  



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