Jewish Demography

Educational Series & Programming by Steve Israel, addressing contemporary issues and demographic data on the Jewish People.

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Antisemitism in a Liberal Age:
A down-to-earth round-up of issues related to contemporary Antisemitism, its origins and substance, with a hands-on guide to finding reputable background and advocacy resources, prepared by the Education Department.
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40 Years to the Soviet Jewry Campaign
around the world - with new additions!!
History, Interviews, Articles, Books, Photo Gallery, Annotated References.


Israel-Diaspora Relations

Perspectives on the complex relationship between Israel and the Diaspora from ancient times through today,  and the implications of demographic changes in the Jewish People, as communities return to Israel...
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Connecting to Community

Progamming Series targeted at young people, focusing on raising awareness about personal and mutual commitment , the Jewish community, Israel, and the common destiny of the Jewish People, wherever they may be living. 
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Includes historical case studies, plus profiles of the following Jewish communitiesPeruUruguay , Eastern Europe.

10 Modern Jewish Communities
(from Building a Jewish World, 2005-2007)
Historical and contemporary information about the Jewish Communities in:
Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia/the USSR, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America.
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Relations between Jewish Communities & Israel
Profiles of six Jewish communities
in the context of Zionism and Israel:
United Kingdom

Overviews of Aliyah from different Jewish communities around the world.
Aliyah 1948-1975
Ethiopian Jewish Aliyot
Aliyah from the USSR
The Soviet Jewry Campaign






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