Connecting to Community, 
An Educational Series by Steve Israel


Introducing Relationships

The Jewish Community and Me

From Community to Nation

From Nation to World

From Jewish World to Jewish State

Bringing it All Together



Needing Others
Nationally Commanded
Memories Memories
Linking Jews
Jewish Responsibility
Jewish Pictures
Jewish Memory
Jewish Languages
Introducing Relationships
Introducing Obligation
Exploring Intermarriage
Examining Trends
Examining Loyalties
Examining Caring
Educationally Ideal
Educationally Flourishing
Dividing Resources
Comparing Communities
Community Splits
Community Needs
Community Mapping
Additional Activities
test 10
Connecting to Community
The Naming Game
Introducing Community
Opening the Gates
Looking out for Others
Six National Communities
The United States of America
Comparing National Communities
The Eastern European Story
The Right to Influence
The Isolated Jew
Who are the Jews
Solid Jews
Saving a Jew
What Do I Care
The Case Of Hungary
Jews as Victims – Reading Jewish History
Back To Edgardo
Putting Down Roots
Putting the Unity into Community
What Do We Do For A Living
Not Good To Be Alone
The Community and Me
Summing It All Up
The Answer From England
An End to Wandering
The Power of Names
Speaking as Jews…
Regarding The Non-Jews
Making Sense Of Numbers
Accepting The Other
Is the Whole World Against Us
Building A Plan
Know your Enemy
How Educated is My Community
Confronting the Past with the Present
The Voice Of The Organization
The Numbers Game
Walking the Jewish Tightrope
Israel - Success Or Failure
The Right To Return
Galut Or Tfutzot
Deepening The Picture
Israel And Me
Building A Nation - Birthpangs
Models of Diaspora
Picturing Israel Seeing Jerusalem
Creating A Jewish State For All
Choosing An Israel
Creating A Jewish State
Relating To Minorities - Israel And Her Arabs
Aliyah For Us Aliyah For Me
Bringing The Jews To Israel
Thinking Forward
Another View from History
Brothers and Enemies
Helping the Community Poor
Names as Statements of Parental Identity
No Money No Torah
Reinventing the Community
Summing Up the Home Community
The Best of Two Worlds
The Jew and the Jewish World
The Question of Anti-Semitism
The View From History
The View from History
The Community of Hungary
Interfering or Influencing
Ending the Story
Successful Aliyah
Zionist Dreams
Defining the Jews
Jewish State And Jewish World
The Question Of Israeli Arabs
The Anglo-Jewish Response
A State For Jews Or A Jewish State
Introducing The Ethical Will
From Dream To Reality
Israel And Me
Returning to History
Back to the Sources
The Modern Jewish World
The Immigration Story
Relating To A Wider World
Bringing It All Together
From Nation to World
From Jewish World to Jewish State
Deepening The Picture
Talking Intermarriage
Community in Context
Viewing Israel
From Community to Nation
The Jewish Community and Me
test 11




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