Additional Activities

We have presented a number of the crucial issues in Israeli society. We now come to a series of four processing exercises that conclude this section. We will give them one after the other. They need no introduction and are self-explanatory. Feel free to choose any of them in any combination whatsoever. They are all aimed at examining different things. Each has its own place, but your own aims may require a particular order. It is essential to ensure that they go after the preceding exercises, so that their questions are based on an examination of new material and a confrontation with new ideas, as well as the students’ previous thoughts and reactions.


Choosing an Israel

The aim of this activity is to envisage the sort of Israel that the students would like to see in the future.

Israel And Me.

The aim of this activity is to help the students assess the degree to which Israel plays a part in their lives and the those of their families.

Israel - Success Or Failure?

The aim of this activity is to push the students, who have examined a number of aspects of the Israeli reality, to make their own assessment of Israel today.

Aliyah For Us, Aliyah For Me?

The aim of this activity is to examine the question of aliyah as an act that is important to the Jewish people, and to question its implications for the student.



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