Bringing It All Together: The Final Processing

We have examined several aspects of the Jewish world: the family, the community, the national community, the Jewish world as a whole, Zionism and the State of Israel. Throughout this process, we have assessed the individual student’s reactions to the new material that we have presented and the new concepts that have been put forward.

We have two more tasks to accomplish before we finish. We began by stating that we need two ‘bookends’ around the main part of the booklet, which is divided into four parts. We placed the first one - which examined the individual alone and the human need for relationships - at the beginning of the program. We then proceeded to discuss the circles of the Jewish world. We now need to place the closing ‘bookend’, by examining the relationship of the individual Jew to the surrounding world, the world as a whole and those within it.

Before we undertake this task, however, we would like to present the students with two brief processing exercises, in order to examine their individual positions regarding all the material that they have learned. The exercises are simple and - more than anything else - personal. We suggest that you use at least one of them, in order to bring together the various ideas that have been raised during this program.



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07 Dec 2006 / 16 Kislev 5767 0